The mandate of "Mainse Media Group" is to create effective media resources for organizations and to consult with charitable organizations to see them advance towards their goals. With a combination of  video and photography skills and with real world experience in management and fundraising, our team will strengthen what is in place, propose next steps and produce effective results.

Three primary services of Mainse Media Group:

  1. Video services: In studio and on location
  2. Photographic services
  3. Consulting to charitable organizations for their public engagement and fundraising

Two keys to healthy charities - The first is having a purposeful cause and the second is the ability to communicate effectively the cause, the vision, and the opportunity for people to get involved. Our society expects that any relevant leading organization will have a strong online presence with compelling images and video. Society also expects top organizations to utilize social media platforms to communicate their message.  A good video or photo can elicit emotions in a moment that will open the hearts and hands of the viewers.


Who is Reynold Mainse?

ZEN reynold portrait 2008

  • Reynold Mainse has worked in media and fundraising for over 25 years
  • He is an accomplished videographer, photographer/optimizer, and has moderate experience as a video editor
  • Has produced multiple segments for national television and produced several telethons
  • Taking the lead role… Reynold organized, managed, and fundraised for events at ACC (sold out) and Rogers Centre (25,000 people)
  • Extensive in front of camera experience for over 20 years as a host of national TV shows, 100 Huntley Street, After Dark, CCM Video Countdown
  • Whether it’s through visuals/audio or in a boardroom… these years of experience have brought Reynold to an understanding of how to powerfully communicate the intended message for maximum return