Mainse Media Group has developed expertise in creating online video content as well as video for broadcast.
Here are a few examples of the type of work you can expect from Mainse Media Group.

Mainse Media Group Video Reel

Mully Children's Family

Charles and Easter Mully are parents to the largest family in world.


While Reynold was in Kenya three organizations had him do some productions for them. This video Reynold produced, shot and edited for MCFCF.

Faith's Story

After two years of marriage, Valentino was diagnosed with cancer. Faith shares her story of overcoming grief through the support of family, friends and Emerge Ministries Counselling Center.

Emerge Ministries has contracted Mainse Media Group for several productions.  Along with video, MMG has also provided photographic images and consulting in the areas of public engagement and fundraising.

Todd Sneider

Weight Loss Specialist

Mainse Media Group has produced several video pieces and has created portrait and product photography for Advanced Life Research.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

The beauty of this park is captured by Reynold Mainse set to the music of "Sunrise Over Africa" by Sean Frew. Reynold spent one day in Murchison Falls National Park as a tourist with his Canon 5D Mark II in hand to capture photos and video. Murchison Falls National Park is the jewel of all of Uganda's game parks. It is located along the Western Rift Valley in the northwest of Uganda. The park is 3877 sq. km and contains 76 mammal species and 450 bird species. There are many vegetation zones including savannah, riveriene forest, and woodland forest. The key feature of the park is Murchison Falls where the Victoria Nile funnels down a 6 m wide gorge dropping 40 m at 6 million cubic meters per second making it the most dramatic thing ever to happen to the Nile on its 6700 km long journey to the Mediterranean. 

John Koeshall

John specializes in training the mind and body to properly respond to crisis.  For over 25 years he has studied martial arts and leadership and has developed a dynamic and effective way to lead people in their personal development.

Mainse Media Group has produced 16 video productions and there are more slotted to be created.  Also, photo shots have been used extensively in the marketing and promotion of John Koeshall's media.

Lakemount Worship Centre, Grimsby, Ontario

Mainse Media Group has produced video and photographs in support of this church's capital campaign building program.